family onesie

During the 2k, the world had seen a new trend in Fashion which had advanced with adult jumpsuit, re introduced knit cotton as used in sweatshirts. This dress is introduced as Onesie. These Onesie became very popular in UK and Australia during the late 2000 and 2010. These were also known as Street Fashion.

Sofa Killer onesie was well known for its infant bodysuit which was a trademark for the clothes for the infants.

Introducing Adult Onesie

The Famous Entrepreneur and musician Steve Pandi had initially founded the concept and introduced this product. His music band used to wear this garment during their shows and did a crucial marketing in the introduction of then Adult Onesie

 During 2012, the hip hop recording artist Macklemore wore this garment for his recording of the popular song “Thrift Shop”. The song was so popular that 7 million albums were sold in the United States and had earned lot of fame in the other countries like United Kingdom, Canada, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia and other major cities and countries across the globe. On the 29th of August 2012, Macklemore used the Junpinjammerz “Batman” Onesie for the release of a music Video. These had also brought a revolution in the trend and had been accepted by the public to follow the revolution.

An Adult Onesie is available for both the genders in footed and non-footed options. The Super soft garment had maximized lazy lounging with its comfortable wear.

Stay comfort with Women Onesie

If the women are looking for ultimate comfort and thinking off for a luxury perfect girl’s night out, then Women Sofa Killer Onesie is available to get dressed and set out. There are cosy footed pyjamas available for the women to stay fun and endorse stylish themes. Amongst the all, the classic solid pink footed Onesie had earned popularity and is regarded as popular women Onesie.

Revive Luxury and comfort with male Onesie

If you are fond of Star Wars, Star Trek, DC and Marvel Comics, cartoons then you also can chose these designs in your Onesie. Males Onesie got these designs imprinted to make your mind happy and stay comfortable.  The male Onesie had got many themes and popular patterns which would attract lot of people to wear. The street wear had also got various styles with their hoods on to make you more stylish. You would stay warm as well as feel stylish with these Sofa Killer Onesie.

February 21, 2018 — Tadas Zukauskas