Everyone thinks to become super cute and stay comfortable. Generally, we think Onesie keep you covered. However, www.sofakiller.com had introduced a new trend in Onesie. In this modern world, women love to show off their beautiful legs and favour short styles. Sofa Killer had introduced this new trend of Onesie with the acceptance of the modern style and had made the Onesie perfect.

The Short summer women Onesie

This Onesie is very much similar to the long summer Onesie. The cosiest Velvet would make the women Onesie more comfortable. The costume with rain boots on would make the lady look prettier.

The short style with colour variants

The Sofa killer costume had introduced this new trend of short style. The variant of colour is an added advantage and would help to stay relaxed in a classy way.

Sofa Killer Red wine colour short summer velour Onesie

The combination of Red wine and Chili red looks very nice and attractive. The soft, light and comfortable short velvet women Onesie is the perfect wear for the lazy hot summer days. This is a perfect wear if you are thinking off to go for a long bike ride with your friends. The summer collection seems to be a perfect wear when you are thinking off to go for a weekend vacation.

The combination of 80 % cotton and 20 % elastane with polyester would make these women onesie perfect for a comfortable wear and stay chilled during the hot summer days. The cost of these beautiful women onesie is 59 euro.

Sofa Killer red wine colour summer velour Onesie

The Soft, Light, Comfortable Onesie with the combination of Red Wine and Chili Red would look perfect as a costume for a lazy hot summer day. The trend introduced is manufactured in Lithuania. The combination of 80 % cotton and 20 % elastane with polyester makes the Onesie perfect and best suited for comfort. The price of this costume is 59 Euro which is very cheap and affordable for anyone to select it to get the wardrobe to be stacked in the favourite coloured costume.

Sofa Killer eggplant colour summer short velour Onesie

The colour combination of eggplant and a sunny yellow would make the lazy summer days perfect for its light, soft and comfortable costume. The combination of 80 % cotton and 20 % elastane with Polyester at an affordable price of 59 euro would bring back the ultimate comfort for the woman who would wear this costume.





October 28, 2018 — Tadas Zukauskas