The Loose fitting casual Jumpsuit worn by the adults during 2000, generally is also known as Onesie. Onesies was a registered trademark which had implemented certain variants of clothes for the infants. During earlier times, this Jumpsuit was worn by the infants, however men and women both had accepted this revolution. The trend had become very popular in UK and Australia. The trend had turned popular and was introduced as Stylish Street wear.

The street Fashion in United States

During the early 2001, various well known channels like Mad TV and CSI: Las Vegas had made these apparel popular.

Steve Pandi , the famous musician as well as entrepreneur had introduced the adult Onesie and brought this concept and made popular through his Rock bands. The Rock bands used to wear this dress during their performance. The famous musician had made it popular and became the first vendor who was the only supplier of adult Onesies. He had started the Jumpin Jammerz which was one of the fastest growing companies for adult Onesie. The Onesie turned more popular and famous through the television show “Pajama Show” which was produced by Oxygen during the year 2000.

Oscar made Onesie popular

The 2007 Academy Awards which was also known as Oscars and the Emmy Awards had Introduced Onesie to be presented as gift for the celebrities. The JumpinJammerz, the company of Steve Pandi was the supplier of this garment for this famous occasion.

Onesie – the favorite for Hip-hop

The famous Hip-Hop artist Macklemore used to wear the men Onesie in his famous recording “Thrift Shop”. The video got famous and had spread across the major countries and cities of the Globe. On the 29th of august, 2012 Macklemore had worn the Jumpinjammerz “Batman” Onesie for his video recording. The video was the famous rap sensation and was the winner of Grammy Awards for the Best Rap Performance and the Best Rap Song.

Stay Stylish with Onesie

The Men Onesie turned famous and popular. The warm and stylish apparel had turned it as a new trend. Various styles were designed which was accepted by the mass.

The women Onesie had also turned popular amongst the female. The style stakes at sleepovers with latte fleece footed pajama became popular and had made perfect for the girls night out. There were various designs like buffalo plaid adult Onesie, Sherpa Lined Hoody, One Piece Pajamas and others.

The men Onesie and women Onesie had turned popular and came up with various designs. The various e-commerce platform had made these Onesie available.




October 09, 2018 — Tadas Zukauskas