The Loungewear turns classy for Casual Party

The cosy hoodie and Soft Joggers are made up of soft material like cotton. This Loungewear is treated to look like women Onesie. The Cozy and comfortable costume would make you stay inside it the entire day. The material used for the manufacturing of this Onesie would turn to be the second best thing for the skin of the body.

This Women Onesie Look-alike Loungewear comes up with pair which would make you relax during your weekends or when you are back at home to lay back from your busy schedule

Sofa Killer black women velour loungewear with purple cuff

Black is always a favourite colour for every individual. The Black Loungewear with lovely purple cuffs turns to be perfect and desired by every woman. This is the time to reach next level with the famous Sofa Killer Loungewear. The combination of 80 % cotton and 20 % elastane with Polyester would help women to feel super comfortable.

The deep pockets with zippers in the bottoms of the loungewear would help to keep important stuff. The top of the loungewear had got a huge pocket which would help to carry crucial items. The price of the loungewear is 99 euro which is manufactured in Lithuania.

Sofa Killer emerald green women velour loungewear with red cuff

The emerald green Loungewear with lovely red cuffs manufactured in Lithuania would make to feel adventurous. The mix and match with various sets would attract anyone to get this loungewear at an affordable price of 99 euro. The deep pockets with zippers in the bottoms of the set would help to keep important stuff and avoid getting lost during the chilling session.

Fabrics Used by Sofa Killer women Onesie

95 % cotton, 5 % elastane and Polyester with a proper knitwear is the fabric used to manufacture these beautiful perfect women Onesie. The smooth cotton wear being soft and cosy inside would help the skin to breathe easily. The outer touch of the garment is also very soft which would help the body to stay comfort and cosy all the time.

Thinking about the size to order

While putting an order online, this turns to be a mystery in choosing the perfect size.  There is a very simple step to get the perfect size for women Onesie.  There is a requirement of a Ruler to measure the sleeve length, height from the shoulder, head height, shoulder span and Hip width. All the measurements should be in centimetres. There is a measurement table mentioned on the site to check out the best-suited women Onesie.

September 29, 2018 — Tadas Zukauskas