The new Fashion trend with Onesie

The Loose fitting causal Jumpsuits made up of knit cotton, fleece or chenille became popular and had created a new fashion trend. During the year 2000, in UK and Australia, the street fashion was redefined and introduced adult Onesie.

The male Onesie and woman Onesie had shown a new era across the world. During the earlier times, the infants used to wear the infant suit. However its comfortable and luxurious wear had reintroduced a classy trend for the adults as well.

The Onesie turned famous

The famous entrepreneur and musician Steve Paul had brought up this new trend and got it familiar when he had featured himself wearing this garment during his rock band performance and shows.

He as the first person and was the only vendor who had introduced this garment and started to appear on a television show, “Pajama Party produced by Oxygen during the year 2000.

Steve Paul started his company Jumpinjammerz as the first vendor worldwide supplying adult Onsesie.

The conqueror of the European market

The transformation from novelty to a craze in fashion worldwide was introduced in the year 2011. Ryan Gosling had introduced these garments through one of his show The Ellen DeGeneres Show and presented the audience with Onesie as complementary.

The Jumpin Jammerz turned to be number 1 searched term on Google.

In the year 2007 the One-piece turned to be a common brand and expanded its business rapidly across the continent of Europe. Gradually the European market had embraced the revolution and made Onesie a new trend in fashion

The Casual Clothing

The Women Onesie had turned to be popular across the fashion of women. The casual clothing had turned to be famous for parties and girls outing parties.  No other garments are as comfortable as a woman Onesie. The Men Onesie is also available for the males to go out for a casual dating or might be into a rock party.

There are variants available with different themes which would make you more aggressive to choose one among them. The footed and the one with the hoods had got popular and with positive reviews.

The Hip-Hop and Rock Parties

The famous hiphop artist Macklemore had promoted the male Onesie through one of his popular song “Thrift Shop”. The sale of the video album said to have crossed 7 million albums which had also brought a revolution across the garments in United States. Gradually that had turned into a new craze and the hip hop and rock parties started to wear it as their favourite.

September 24, 2018 — Tadas Zukauskas