Sofa Killer dark green linen women onesie

Recovers 1 kg of ocean-bound plastic You can track your impact after purchase.

Adult onesie made of dark green, haki natural linen fabric. There is a belt to adjust your waist and hidden zipper on the chest to make an ease take on/off. This linen overall is soft, light, comfy, and simply perfect for those lazy summer days. If you’re looking for a perfect outfit to wear while exploring citys and nature or having some fun with your friends, look no further! Our summer collection jumpsuits is also simply perfect for all these weekends out of town, and especially for festivals. This women onesie is made from 100% organic linen fabric for ultimate comfort. So, do you know what’s the first thing you’re going to do once you’re wearing it?

Most of the items i stock so should ship in few days. Post delivery takes few weeks, sometimes one week. If You need express delivery, contact me and I'll get you an offer :)

Lining: 100% linen. Sofa Killer made in Lithuania as linen fabric too.

Care/Washing - Hand washing is preferred. Cool iron

You can take our adult onesie size recommendations:

- XS suitable for body length 1,60m to 1,70m, EU with size 36
- S suitable for body length 1,65m to 1,75m, EU with size 38
- M suitable for body length 1,75m to 1,80m, EU with size 40
- L suitable for body length 1,80m to 1,85m, EU with size 42
- XL suitable for body length 1,80m to 1,90m, EU with size 44/46
- XXL suitable for body length 1,85m to 1,95m, EU with size 46/48

P.S. I can do individual design plus size adult onesie or any other size for you, please contact!